COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Governor Jared Polis and Burrell Aviation announced on Thursday that Burrell Aviation intends to construct multiple facilities on a 65-acre parcel at the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) to expand the airport’s non-passenger business lines, including facilities for air cargo handling, aircraft maintenance and testing, cold storage, warehouse/distribution, and integrated logistics.

Colorado Springs Aiport

“This project is the result of a collaborative effort between COS and Burrell Aviation to create a public-private partnership that will facilitate significant economic development, new job creation and the expansion of airport infrastructure in the State of Colorado. We are excited to work with the COS team to achieve these objectives,” said Dan Burrell, Founder and Executive Chairman of The Burrell Group, speaking for Burrell Aviation.

Burrell is looking to invest up to $110 million in private sector capital to develop next-generation infrastructure expected to attract up to 1,700 new jobs for El Paso County. Burrell Aviation will be working closely with the airport and both state and local economic development groups to identify, attract and accommodate new interest to Colorado Springs Airport.

“The Colorado Springs Airport is an economic driver for our regional and state economies and this capital investment will make it even more competitive,” said Governor Polis. “New investment in modernized, sustainable facilities will serve to enhance the integrity of our regional supply chain to which our population is reliant upon and help improve the environment in which we all live.”

“We are appreciative of the interest Burrell Aviation has shown in the City of Colorado Springs and our airport,” said Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers. “We look forward to working with them to reach agreements that would provide for new development and achieve our long-term plans and objectives for our airport and community.”

About Burrell Aviation:

Burrell Aviation, LLC is a division of The Burrell Group. The Burrell Group was founded in 2007 by Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel C. Burrell. It serves as the holding company for a consortium of individual business interests in a wide range of sectors.

Burrell Aviation, LLC is a capital investor in next-generation supply chain infrastructure. The company is focused on providing airports and aviation customers with needed infrastructure within an accelerated timeframe. Burrell Aviation works with airports of all sizes, helping reposition regional and municipal airports that have been historically underutilized and operate outside North America’s core supply chain. Burrell Aviation is also actively investing in major hub and gateway airports, helping preserve its market position. Burrell Aviation is dedicated to delivering modernized facilities for air cargo operations, MRO, integrated logistics, cold supply chain, corporate hangars, aerospace/defense, and emerging technologies.