BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Governor Brad Little, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and Burrell Aviation announced that Burrell Aviation intends to construct multiple facilities on a four acre parcel at the Boise Airport (BOI) to expand the airport’s non-passenger business lines, including facilities for corporate air hangars and other hangar-related uses.

“This project results from a collaborative effort between BOI and Burrell Aviation to create a public-private partnership that will facilitate significant economic development, new job creation and the expansion of airport infrastructure in the state of Idaho. We are excited to work with the BOI team to achieve these objectives,” said Dan Burrell, Founder and Executive Chairman of The Burrell Group, speaking for Burrell Aviation.

Burrell is looking to invest up to $10 million in private sector capital to develop next-generation corporate hangars and other forms of hangar-related facilities that will create new jobs for the city of Boise. Burrell Aviation will work closely with the airport and state and local economic development groups to identify, attract and accommodate new interest in Boise Airport.

Idaho’s airports are key drivers for our regional and state economy,” Governor Little said. “This investment at the Boise Airport is a sign of Idaho’s strengthening economy, and it will enhance the integrity of our regional supply chain.”

“We appreciate the interest Burrell Aviation has shown in the City of Boise and our growing airport,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. “We look forward to working with them on these new developments, enhancing our long-term plans for our airport and community.”

About The Burrell Group
Burrell Aviation, LLC is a division of The Burrell Group. The Burrell Group was founded in 2007 by Founder and Executive Chairman, Daniel C. Burrell. It serves as the holding company for a consortium of individual business interests in a wide range of sectors.

Burrell Aviation, LLC is an equity investor focused on providing its clients with speed-to-market services that include available airside land, financing and construction. Through a public-private partnership model involving federal, state, and local government, Burrell Aviation is in the process of repositioning regional and municipal airports that have been historically underutilized and currently operate outside of North America’s core supply chain.