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Burrell Aviation, LLC is a division of The Burrell Group. The Burrell Group was founded in 2007 by Founder and Executive Chairman, Daniel C. Burrell. It serves as the holding company for a consortium of individual business interests in the following sectors: aviation, medical education and healthcare technology, behavioral health, financial services, security and life safety systems, commercial and residential real estate, food services, hospitality, and natural resources.

In late 2019, Mr. Burrell and the Company formed The Burrell Aviation Group (“Burrell Aviation”). Burrell Aviation is focused on meeting the growing demand for air cargo, freight and logistics solutions in the continental United States, Mexico, and Canada. Through a public-private partnership model involving federal, state, and local government, Burrell Aviation is in the process of repositioning regional and municipal airports that have been historically underutilized and currently operate outside of North America’s core supply chain. By bringing such airfield locations into the mainstream commercial network, Burrell Aviation provides a convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient alternative to major hub locations, where freight carriers are currently experiencing rapidly escalating price structures and congestion, delayed delivery times, as well as other inefficiencies. To meet the needs of its customers, Burrell Aviation enters into long-term leases, typically 30 to 50 years, with municipally owned airports. In coordination with Burrell Aviation, these municipalities are dedicated to improving their airport infrastructure to accommodate a broad range of tenants through a sublease agreement structure. The company also manages the construction of “build-to-suit” facilities to satisfy each client’s specific needs.

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David Goldschmidt


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