Burrell Aviation

BA Cargo Express

Through a strategic acquisition, Burrell Aviation has entered one of the most underserved and least-competitive market segments of the supply chain delivery system with the development of BA Cargo Express, which will be one of the only independent, scheduled, point-to-point air cargo services in the U.S. providing same-day/overnight delivery. 


BA Cargo Express will be a domestic, all-cargo private air service that couples the best features of a traditional “hub and spoke” network with a linear point-to-point schedule between city pairs. BA Cargo Express will offer a lower-cost alternative to, for example, FedEx and UPS for freight forwarders and foreign airlines, but will not target door-to-door express freight.

Business Opportunity​

Business Opportunity

The current market is forcing freight forwarders to alter their business models where short-term Block Space Agreements (6-12 months) are not available due to capacity constraints. BA Cargo Express affords the forwarders an opportunity to return to more stable business practices, with BA Cargo Express providing much needed capacity within the industry.



Through its strategic acquisition, BA Cargo Express inherits one of the most experienced air cargo management teams in the sector, comprised of individuals from senior management positions with the cargo businesses of Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and others.

Customer Interest

Business Opportunity

The business has received signed letters of interest from some of the most prominent freight forwarders in the U.S.

With an operational hub at Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW), BA Cargo Express intends to serve 42 markets through the operation of twenty-five Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Fort Worth Alliance Airport

  • AFW is a dedicated cargo airport featuring two CAT 3 11,000-foot runways, rendering it the ideal hub for BA Cargo Express.
  • AFW offers airport land zoned for warehousing, located in the same zone as the air cargo customers and freight forwarders. There are no flight curfews, enabling a “24/7” operational model.
  • AFW offers uncongested airspace, allowing BA Cargo Express to meet its 5-year growth plan without being encroached upon.

BA Cargo Express Operations

  • BA Cargo Express will carry out its operations utilizing leased Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

  • This aircraft offers the appropriate capacity for the market, provides the fuel efficiency that is critical to economics, and is an optimal fit for the network segments that will be serviced.

  • BA Cargo Express will leverage the latest industry technology for flight operations, aircraft maintenance and customer booking/tracking software.

  • This technological framework will push network reliability to 95%.

BA Cargo Express: Example Route

BA Cargo Express: Projected Volumes

BA Cargo Express is projected to expand from 10 aircraft deployed by the end of Year One to 25 aircraft by the conclusion of Year Four.

  • The staged growth of BA Cargo Express is expected to generate annual volumes that increase from approximately 126 to 618 million pounds.
  • Volume is segmented by client type into 4 primary categories