Executive Management Leadership

Daniel Burrell
Daniel Burrell Founder and Executive Chairman, The Burrell Group / Burrell Aviation
John Carver
John Carver Chief Executive Officer
John Schmatz
John Schmatz Chairman
Erik Berntsen
Erik Berntsen President, The Burrell Group / Burrell Aviation
Jonathan Murstein
Jonathan Murstein Chief Financial Officer
John Rodstrom
John Rodstrom Director, Capital Markets and Governmental Relations
Roger Wilson
Roger Wilson Chief Strategy Officer, The Burrell Group
Michelle Sickles
Michelle Sickles Chief Operating Officer & HR Director
Christopher Oldroyd
Christopher Oldroyd Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, The Burrell Group
David Hinderland
David Hinderland Chief Commercial Officer
Thomas Mancuso
Thomas Mancuso General Counsel
John Rodstrom III
John Rodstrom III Associate General Counsel
Ben Fierstein
Ben Fierstein Director, Engineering & Analytics
Gregory Huang
Gregory Huang Director, Leasing